We have full in house assembly capabilities to provide a full turnkey solution to our customer’s needs. We assemble all variations from basic thru hole to very fine pitch Micro-Ball Grid Arrays (BGA), servicing industries from Aerospace and Government to Commercial including telecom, computer, peripheral and multimedia industries.

Whether you have one circuit board or a thousand, Hughes can expedite your project. Rely on Hughes for maintaining complete control of both fabrication and assembly.

We understand that a seamless time-to-market is critical and time sensitive for your applications. And as a result, our customer base is expanding because of frustrations they receive with other manufacturers. Hughes Circuits is committed to providing our customers with high quality printed circuits and assemblies with superior engineering support. We know our success depends upon yours!


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  • Quick-turn PCB assembly
  • Same day quotes
  • Single and double-sided SMT
  • High density
  • Large parts on both sides, including BGA on both sides
  • Mixed technology
  • Automated placement of SMT parts
  • Short strip capability, do not require parts on reels
  • Stencil design or review and procurement
  • Consigned material
  • Capable of assembling to IPC-A-610 Class II acceptability criteria

SMT Automated Machine Placement

  • All common components
  • Chips down to 0201 (high speed) and 01005
  • BGA and Micro BGA down to 0.012 in. (0.3mm) pitch, ball count greater than 1000
  • Leaded parts to 0.012 in. (0.3 mm) pitch
  • Soldered heat slug containing parts (MO-220, QFN….)
  • Ceramic LCC
  • Parts as large as 3 in. x 3 in. x 0.6 in.
  • Surface mount connectors
  • Odd form parts
  • LED
  • Resistor and capacitor networks
  • Electrolytic capacitors
  • Variable resistors and capacitors (pots)
  • Sockets


  • Maximum size 14.5 in. x 19.5 in. for single images or panelized images
  • Thickness from 0.03 in. to 0.13 in.
  • 2 to 20 layers
  • Fiducials are preferred but not required
  • Finishes
    • Electroless Gold
    • Electroless Silver
    • Immersion Gold
    • Immersion Tin
    • ENIG


  • All sizes and lead configurations on both sides of PCB assembly
  • Wave soldering is available



  • Semi-automatic paste application
  • No-clean and Automated water wash flux cleaning is available


  • BGA removal and replacement station by Zephyrtronics
  • SMT microscope rework station
  • Thru-hole rework station


  • X-ray analysis
  • Visual to 20x


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